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Sunday, June 30, 2013

     Its June again, means all  SCHOOLs have reopened. So let us help children who are from remote villages and are poor. For this cause BASC gave uniforms and other essential things. This is a part of BASC's Social Activity, so for this BASC FUND was used.

     Last Saturday (29th June 2013) BASC distributed uniform shirts, pen, pencils and erasers to the school children. This is a part of Social activity using BASC Fund. This year I selected four school from Tribal areas of Chamarajnagar District, to help poor children from remote tribal villages.

     I thank all who supported for this event, like school teachers, Forest officials, BASC team for the co-operation & support.

Expenses of the event
Uniform shirt             = Rs.9,500
Pen+pencil+eraser    = Rs.1,500
BASC Fund used        = Rs.11,000
     Special thanks to Anitha, Girish, Madhav, Pallavi & Rajesh, who helped me in various activities and made this event a success. I also thank all BASC members who contributed to BASC Fund.
Few words about Soligas:     
     Soliga is a tribe in India that inhabits the Biligi Rangaswami Temple (BRT) Reserve, in associated hill ranges of Kollegala & Yeladur of Chamarajanagar District Karnataka. The Soliga are categorised as Scheduled Tribe. Their population is about 21,000. The Soliga lore traces their origins to the forest itself. Their name Soliga is in itself an indication that they have come from the forests (Sola-forest; iga-belonging to). One of their principal deities, the Doddasampige is a large Michelia champaka tree in a valley at the heart of the forest.     
     Every year, Soligas from all around gather for Rotti habba, where they make fresh bread with Ragi to be shared among themselves, as they sing Goru, goruko, gorukana…. a song that calls on its singers to weave lines from their day’s jungle experiences into it as they sing and dance in a familiar rhythm. The song recalls a spider (Goruka in Soliga language) weaving its web, just as they weave their experience into their story.
* When a Soliga dies, a stone placed at th the clan's 'kallugudi'. The stone represents the soul of Soliga.

* The Soligas have great respect for trees and believe that cutting of trees is a sin, When they are forced to cut any tree, they perform ritual, prostrate in front of it, and sorrowfully  keep a small stone in the place as testimony of its existence.
* Sagga is a burial site that is specific to each clan.

“ Weave, spider weave that web …Doddasampige, my LordSafeguard and protect me, O LordWeave, spider weave that web …O the Mountain Imperial Pigeon of Boodipadaga,The same one that cannot be trapped!Behold the Sloth Bear of my forest … ”- Translated from the Soliga song Gorukana

Feedback and photo link from volunteers:
From Girish:
     Thank you for considering my entry for this event. It was a wonderful day where we could meet some of the passionate teachers who dedicate working in educating the kids from very poor background. The selection of the schools was perfect in terms of our small contribution from BASC Fund which made their faces lite with a smile and joy. Happy that we are making good use of BASC Fund and proud to be associated with BASC.
Looking forward for more such events from BASC.

From Rajesh:
     It was wonderful event and thanks to Mr.Ambareesh & BASC  for taking the initiative for organising the Joy of Giving and reaching the people where those who really really need of help in the isolated locations. Very happy to be part of this event & spent almost a Day with small school childrens, which made me remember my old good days at school :) 
    Also it was really great experience of giving away uniform to innocent  school children in the villages  and i am extremely thankful to all those kids for allowing  us to be part of their  SMILE  :-)   you being a reason for someone else's happiness is best feeling one can have ..!!All Credit goes to the members & volunteers of "BANGALORE ASCENDers "  My photo link:

From Madhav:
     It was a fabulous trip for a noble cause. Thank you for organizing it and inviting me to be a part of it. Here is the link to some of my clicks:
From Pallavi:
     This is my photo link - https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104952966531126342396/albums/5895552492014148017
Write Up in Namma Bhashe Kannada : pallaviranganath.blogspot.in

From Naveen:
     It was an humbling privilege for me to be part of Joy of Giving Event. I thank BASC and the volunteers of this event for making ita successful one. I hope to be part of many such events in the future.

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Event organized by: Ambareesh Karanth
Written by: Ambareesh Karanth


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