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Saturday, June 15, 2013

BASC campaign for forest protection because, without healthy, thriving forests, planet Earth cannot sustain life. Forests also regulate water flow and rainfall so we depend on them to grow our crops and food. Forest regeneration is the act of renewing tree cover by human assistance. The need for an effective and low cost forest and biodiversity restoration and rehabilitation methods is now highlighted in the face of climate change and the global phenomenon of rapid loss of forests and biodiversity.

As you all know in Sep 2012 we planted 1100+ saplings in Kollegala area under BASC's social activity "Forest Regeneration Program" (FRP). Plants are healthy and growing fast, but unfortunately around 200+ plants are removed by elephant herd :( So last Saturday (15th June 2013) we took up planting again as monsoon rain started in the area. We completed planting 200 neem saplings with help of local workers, Forest watchers and BASC team (me, Rajesh, Girish & Anitha).

   I thank Srinivas of SM Transport for arranging Tata 407 for free of cost and also I thank Ganesh Madyastha of Himalaya Health Care for providing 200 neem plants again for free of cost.

FRP activity so far:
FRP Phase-1: Digging pits on 19th May 2012
FRP Phase-2: Planting & watering on 1st & 2nd Sep 2012
FRP Phase-3: Watering on 18th Nov 2012
FRP Phase-4: Watering on 3rd Feb 2013
FRP Phase-5: Watering on 9th March 2013
FRP Phase-6: Watering on 13th Apr 2013
FRP Phase-7: Planting on 15th June 2013

Expenses of FRP so far:
FRP1 → Rs.7650
FRP2  → Rs.15100
FRP3 → Rs.3500
FRP4 → Rs.3500
FRP5 → Rs.1000
FRP6 → Rs.5500
FRP7 → Rs.2800
Contribution → Rs.27000
BASC Fund used → Rs.12050

For more info about FRP:

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Event organized by: Ambareesh Karanth
Written by: Ambareesh Karanth
Image Gallery: Rajesh P Nayak


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