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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

     BASC celebrated Independence Day with special kids. It was very special and memorable day for everyone of us. It was a part of BASC's social event drive and, expenses were contributed from BASC Fund.

     School selected for Social activity was "Antharaganga Mentally Challenged children’s Special education Residential School" near Kolar, 70km from Bangalore. There are 26 children from 6 years to 16 years of age, with different disabilities. The organization runs on the offerings and support provided by public, no help from the government is available. So they are in need of help from people like us. In all, 6 members of the staff are present to take care of children and their education, medication, food and stay.

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Below items were distributed at the school;
Toys such as Board games; Ring games; Balls; Stationary items; Colour pencils; Sketch pens; Ball pens; HB pencils; Brush pens; Erasers; Sharpeners.Groceries: Rice; Toor dal; Green gram; Urad dal; Beaten rice; Idli rava; Rava; Sunflower oil; Guntur red chilli. Carpet: Floor carpet size 28.5 x 6 feet

Groceries     =  7480
Toys            =  1555
Stationary    =  1765
Carpet         =  3100
Total           =  13900

     From BASC a team of 5, Ambareesh Karanth, Anitha MS, Girish NL, Rajesh P Nayak & Vinuthna were part of the occasion. Thanks to everyone to make it successful, and special thanks to Anitha MS for sponsoring transport.

     BASC is greatly thankful to all those who contributed to BASC Fund.



     My First Social Event with Bangalore ASCENDers was one of My Most Memorable days,the school we had visited this morning is not having proper shelter and other basic amenities. It has 26 students with different (dis)abilities and 6 teachers to teach them, Good thing is that some children got selected in games at National Level( i.e games designed specially for mentally challenged children. I really appreciate the efforts made by persons who are running the school still even though they are having less funds. Anitha and Ambareesh from Bangalore ASCENDers had selected a school which needed our support. The event was well organized and the things we had given to them are very much useful and indeed they are in need of them. We also went to Antar-Gange Someshwara temple where one will have a surprise, water will be streaming out from the mouth of a stone bull (basava) throughout the year,and nobody knows the source of water or the place from where it originates. Thanks to Ambareesh who made my day with my Special Friends :),We were few I mean five Members but had a very gud time today,every one were very Friendly,Understanding,Funny too(Actually I didn't understand fully what they were talking abt but there expressions made me to laugh ;) ). I can say this day as a Beautiful day with people having Beautiful hearts.

     This was my First Outing with Bangalore ASCENDers after an year and I enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Bangalore ASCENDers team :-)
Vinuthna Yandamuri
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Event organized by: Ambareesh Karanth

Images By: Rajesh
Image Galleries: Girish NL