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Monday, July 15, 2013

With  more excitement and energy, I had geared up for another one day exploration :). I registered for the event as soon as I checked my mailbox. I was very happy to see my name getting selected. I was ready to volunteer for any task and was given the responsibility of finance management.
Along with Shalini I reached KR Market (our assembly point) around 6:50am. After meeting old buddies and getting introduced to new ones, I started collecting money and Swetha noted it down. Our team of 21 crew  started off from Bangalore Kalasipalya bus stop around 7:30 am.
As we all settled in the bus, I took the count of number. Then sat in the last row of the bus with Patrick, Swetha, Shalini and Chiru. The bus started moving and it was time for some munching. We had biscuits, chocolates, chikki and kaccha mango. Our bus journey consisted of pestering, commenting, chattering (and ofcourse eating :)) and we didn't even realise we reached Kanakapura.
Chandan, native of Kanakapura had made arrangements for food and local transport (Thank you Chandan on behalf of everyone). We had our breakfast and packed our lunch from Vasu hotel (renowned hotel in Kanakapura). Then we started off to the base camp in minidor (Not to forget the bakwas talks we had while travelling :P and dog that followed us).
clip_image001With the introductory session and after signing the BASC form, we started ascending. The initial part was rocky and then came the thick thorny way through the bushes. It was an exploratory trek, Patrick and few others carefully directed fellow trekkers. Walking under the trees was a fantastic experience. It seemed like we were a part of some English movie like the 'Jurassic park'. We carefully moved forward bending, crouching and moving between the thorns. The dog (called by different names Scooby, rocky, ramu, tommy) followed wherever we went. We were all attacked by thorns and mosquitoes which left few of us with cuts, bruises and itches. Even though it was not sunny, we were all sweating and we took rest here and there along with snaps :-), doing masti and eating.
clip_image002After succeeding through the bushes, we came across a rocky region. Few enthusiasts started climbing the rocks and found no way further. Then later they climbed down and we followed the directions of a trail(The dog also directed us in the same way). To replenish our energy, we ate chocolates, pepper mints and chikki. From there we climbed through the greens, rocks with beautiiful view of the nearby villages, hills, water reservoir, clouds. We reached the top and had conquered the hill around 1:30pm.
clip_image003On top of the hill, we had a brief session on Yoga from Shalini with everyone having their eyes, ears and mind open to know on how to reduce weight, how to get sleep and many more questions running in their minds. During the Yoga session, we ate fresh oranges, plum cakes, salt biscuits, salted peanuts, kodbele, fried peas and biscuits. After some time, we had lunch and took rest for a while. Then with the group pic, we started descending. Almost after 50% of our journey back, rain God poured but we were all ready with jackets, rain coats, wind cheaters and hats. It was another lovely view with foggy clouds, bosky bushes and shining rocks. We slowly climbed down and reached a place where we could all sit. Again it was time for some snaps and munching.
                                                                   (group pic).
clip_image005                                                         (Group pic on top of the hill)
Later we reached the base camp and started off to nearby water stream. Soon we found that the water was not fit for water games so we returned to the bus stand. We then had juice, butter milk and coffee. We departed from Kanakapura around 6:30pm. Myself and Swetha were busy in calculating the total trip cost and returning the extra money to all. Meanwhile others were playing dumb charades. We reached Banashankari around 8:00pm, said good bye to all and departed.
I thank BASC and everyone for making this trekking a memorable one.
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