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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ombattu gudda is fondly known as OG. As SRK is Badshah to Bollywood OG is to Trekking. It is a hot favorite amongst southern India trekking circuit. Since I first came to Bangalore and started browsing for local trekking clubs, I came across this name and little information about it. I didn’t take it too seriously then. With my very first introduction with Bangalore Ascenders to Ankola beach trek, OG was always in discussion for its mystery and serene wild forest. When people used to talk about it they generated vibes full of energy and enthusiasm. I wondered, `what the hell! Stop it’ OG - Oh God!!
After long discussions Bangalore ASCENDers BASC in Picture 014-1short finalized 25-26 December for OG trek. Since the day registration  was open along with the itinerary, the game started. Inputs regarding Planning, suggestions, reviews and discussion over the ultimate savior Mr. GPS (Global positioning system) and his working capabilities in dense forest etc started pouring in. They were waves of group mail and one could feel the energy level tide up as the D-day was nearing. Not joking, you could virtually feel the mails hitting you hard off the screen.
The journey started on 24th Night from majestic bus stand. We were in all 29 of us (a huge count!) Trying to get to know each other and with aspiration of enjoying the upcoming tasks of the trek, we moved on. Who knew then what the mighty lord has in store for all of us.

At Gundya check post near Kukke, we halted at a house for a while. From there we headed towards the jungle.Didn’t strike then that we were leaving civilisation far behind. As we started the nature around looked so beautiful... river making its way through handsome looking rocks, as if a lady trying to seduce these manly creatures by her curves and moves. APicture 015-2 ll these visibly beautiful concepts of nature started to fade away as we were moving deeper inside. Reached a point where feeling of being lost in this vast forest started gathering up in the mind. With no one around but just tiny wild creatures, forest, river and sky high above.
That time the only strength you have with you is your will power and your team mates whom you trust, believe and depend upon, more than yourself. Bunch of strangers whom you had met few hours before suddenly mean more than your own family. That’s the spirit of OG, it brings out all possible strengths, weaknesses and anxieties in you. Let you know yourself better than you ever had. It gives you a feeling of togetherness to fight against all odds.

Whenever we had to cross the river, which we did `N’ number of times, those handsome looking rocks suddenly turned out to be bald monsters who just had an oil massage, slippery enough to give us shock treatments at all possible parts of our body. With one like me having basic balance problem, enjoyed it thoroughly with no extra charges for the repeats. Aaahh, so hard and warm!! So much so that I wished this rock and water series end and let us have a feel of the uphill terrain which I did wrongly imagined would be more comforting. At last with permission from GPS and superb brains of our core team members we said goodbye to this couple in love and took off towards the hill.
All through the trek I  was  wondering  about the grPicture 017-2oup of core member’s and few other enthusiastic souls. When we had just enough stamina and spirit to follow the leaders, this people had all the energy to track the route, track us if not left behind, review and plan the schedule and of all to maintain the team spirit high. Hats off all of them!!!
Now starts the most awaited in my mind, the ‘UP HILL’ journey. I was happy as we started with a gradual slope which continued for about fifteen minutes. Suddenly the path in front of us vanished with no option left but to climb that 70 degree – 80 degree steep slope. I started with a short silent prayer in mind thinking about loved ones and GOD! We all started ascending in a train formation with a wrong thinking that the closer we walk the safer we would be. The  only thing we totally believed and trusted that time were our hands, legs and those heavenly trees, their branches, roots or whichever part of theirs we could grab and push ourselves up and a bit up.. Of course for me it was also Goutham, who in spite of obvious structural difference between both of us had all the spirit to manage me drag up and out of there. To my surprise he was also high enough to take snaps in-between, when I didn’t even dared to look down that steep valley. It looked all so beautiful to him... OG!! Thanks buddy, that stretch was impossible to achieve without you.
With all combined circus ending, we reached the grassland. Being introduced to trees, pathway, river, rocks, dense forest and now this grassland, no form of nature was left un-walked by us. Grassland seemed prettier than sloping forest. For the first time  Picture 100-4 we felt that we might conquer OG and all ours day and a half sweat shall not go waste. These small pretty hillocks had their own charming wickedness hidden behind. As we reached at top of each hill there waited series of them smiling and mocking at us. No one would know which one was OG till we actually reached at the top of the one. Patience was low and body was giving up. I got my lesson, `keep walking and do not look forward for the destination. It shall arrive when it is destined to. So comes OG- after crossing eight hills, at the top of ninth one, OG stands all so strong and high! We all celebrated our joy of victory followed by an entertaining video shoot by Sathish ‘The Professional’, to relax our mind and body. Who else than him knew it better than that there is lot more in store and this guys need a dose to pull it through.
We had to cross two hills, a patch of forest and a jeep track to reach back to a civilised place called Laxmi estate. A mini bus was to pick us up from there. By now two hills and that forest was not a big deal as we were so used to them. But this unending man made jeep track made us crawl. OG- one more lesson to go: don’t rejoice on your victory, that is not the end. Keep walking with the same pace and spirit because this is how life is meant to be.
Late evening we reached Laxmi estate and travelled back to Bangalore by early next morning to our routine life. The OG journey compiles within us, so much of strength, motivation and aspirations, to achieve the toughest and fight for the impossible. Thus `WE’ shall all move on.....IMG_2445-1Visit our Group @ CLICK HERE
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Written by: Deepti
Event organized by: Ambareesh Karanth /Satish
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