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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Almost 5 months in Bangalore and every weekend my feet would itch to go somewhere far. I had heard a lot about Bangalore ASCENDers but never got a chance to travel with them so far. The constant gush of mails from them about upcoming events make me long to go on a trek with this enthusiastic group very soon.

An excited plan to go to Kodachadri failed when I realised that the registrations were closed way too soon. When I was making my own plans for the weekend I saw this mail from Mudassar about a day trek to Shivagange betta. I was excited again. I quickly asked VJ ( my husband ) who announced that he has to work on Saturday ! Blow !! But he quickly suggested that I should go ahead on my own. How kind of him !:) I thought why not and quickly registered. Thank God this time it was accepted.

I was super excited about the trek that I could hardly sleep the night before. Woke up too early and reached the station well before time. Started looking for probable hikers among the crowd on the platform. A couple of phone calls to Mudassar proved futile (the man is too busy I say ;) then found Viru and Chaitanya as a matter of chance and then started our journey.
Engaged into conversations with Purbi, Heena and Ruwise in the over crowded train and never realised that we even over shot our destination and reached  Kyatsandra ! Met this chirpy girl who likes to call herself 'Shree' and her childhood friend Rajesh and after a customary round of introductions proceeded to the much awaited place where we would feed our hungry stomachs !
Reached Dobbespet in a private bus which tried to entertain us with two TV s and had an interesting conversation with Virender aka Viru in the bus !

After a humpy bumpy auto ride finally reached our base point- Shivagange. A silent prayer to The Lord and then we started The Climb !
And I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the climb. Especially catching up with different people on the way. Initially it was the girls and Ruwise but eventually interacted with most of the other guys- Vaisakh, Arun, Miten, Kushal, Vikas, Chaitanya. Enjoyed being the only doctor in the group too ;-) And I must appreciate Raghu's interest in clicking everyone so patiently..!Picture 015-1
A conversation with Mudassar made me realise that he is such a humble and friendly person. Truly passionate about what he has been doing . I felt lucky that my first trek was with the very founder of BASC !
I feel the best part of any trek is the summit ! All your pain and suffering just vanish when you are up there ! The endurance and struggle suddenly seem totally worthy when you reach the top! And I felt the same when I was on the top of Shivagange betta after almost 3 hours of hard work !Shiva Gange Trek (BASC)
A quiet time away from the group for a short while felt great. Thoroughly enjoyed gazing through Rafiq's binoculars. And then joined the gang for more fun! Then followed a never ending series of group photos and they are the best part of any group event !
We had a constant company of our ancestors through out:) who added to the fun. After a much needed lunch break tried my luck with touching the holy water underground..but to my dismay realised that I couldn't. :( but I hadnt wished for anything..how clever am I ;-)527555_4366287588693_1073888013_n
The climbing down part is supposedly easy but quite tricky. It's harder on your feet and you need to be cautious. For most part of my climb down I was enjoying my conversation with Raghu(nandan).. Very interesting and friendly person I must say.

The journey back to Namma Bengaluru proved to be nice with people controlling their yawns and trying to find a place for themselves. And then came a surprise ! The expenditure ! It turned out to be just 140 rs! (When I told Vj about it after getting back home he just couldn't believe it !)383461_4366309389238_2078080984_n
So thus ended my first trek with BASC ! A very memorable one filled with fun..randomness..interesting people full of life ! ;)

See you soon friends !247202_4366123464590_722839722_n
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Written by: Gayathri
Event organized by: Mudassar
Image Gallery:
Vaisakh, Raghunandan, Mohammed Rafiq, Chaitanya, Shreedevi, Kushal Dave, Mudassar


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