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Monday, January 19, 2015

Our trek to Narayanagiri, Jalamangala near Ramanagaram, the town made famous by the Bollywood movie ‘Sholay’ was quite exciting not just because of the nostalgia associated with the place but for the place itself. We boarded the train to Ramanagara from Bangalore railway station at around 8 15 a.m and as always the train came quite late. It was almost packed but most of us managed to find a seat. After an hour or so we alighted at the Ramanagar station and headed out for breakfast at a nearby Adiga and took parcel for the lunch. From there we boarded the bus to Jalamangala, our trekking destination for the day.

After around 15 to 20 minutes in the bus we walked for another 400 metres to the base of the hill. We snapped a few pictures and started climbing at around 11: 10 am it was a moderately difficult trek.
It is definitely one of the most mesmerizing amazing climbs one can take and the view is just breathtaking and will present you with a whole new perspective. The hill itself is quite beautiful with many crevasses narrow pathways.   The hill doesn't have any traditional steps or railings so we had to climb it the old fashioned way, which made it all the more exciting and fun.


On our way we were accompanied by a family who shared our enthusiasm for trekking. We later found that our interest aligned not just for trekking but also books and literature. 

Exploring the hill and the crevasses we reached the top At around 1 p.m. We were still spellbound by the beauty and the scenery at the peak. It overlooked the entire town and was a sight to behold. After sometime we sat down for lunch, sharing stories of the town and the nearby locations.

We started the descend at around 2 p.m, and after a few hours we took the bus to Ramanagaram railway station and reached Bangalore at around 6 p.m. It was definitely a trek to remember.

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Written by: Saleem

Date: 18th Jan 2015

Composed by: Shruthi Venugopal

Event organized by: Shamanth P

Image Gallery: NikhilKishore

Crew : Ranjith Damodaran, Kishore, Jyothi, Manideep, Sharat Honnatti, Aparna S Honnatti, Shamanth, Sagar Mehta, Shailesh Sohani, Nikhil, M A Arun, Saleem U, Vikram Thakur, pragati agrawal, Kumar, Medha 

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