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Monday, October 15, 2012

Lepakshi is a small village, it is a famous place and a treasure trove for people interested in heritage, ancient architecture, pilgrimage, handicrafts, photography and much more. Lepakshi is very important historically and archaeologically. There are three shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Virabhadra. The famous Veerabhadra temple, dedicated to Veerabhadra is located here. Built by the brothers Viranna and Virupanna, the temple is a notable example of the Vijayanagar architectural style. It is famous for its sculptures, which were created by the artisans of Vijayanagara empire. A huge Nandi bull made out of a single granite stone is one of the attractions in Lepakshi. The place is renowned for being one of the best repository of mural paintings (see below) of the Vijayanagar Kings. Many old Kannada inscriptions dating back centuries can be seen on its walls. Legend has it that the Naga of the Nagalinga was carved out of a single stone by sculptors while they waited for their mother to prepare lunch.
from Giridhar Raju

This is my second BASC trip and and first with Vinay... the plan was to veerapuram to see the migratory painted storks & then to Leepakshi for the Leepakshi temple.
Every body assembled on time at Hebbal except for me :( , as I was still recovering from the day before's party, and wasted further 20 minutes looking for a place to park my bike.. :( . but apart from these.. things started off great (meaning, no body asked me anything.. ;) ).. two cars full and two on a bike. and loads of enthusiasm.
Stopped over for breakfast at a cafe a little further form hebbal & after savouring Shira Bhat's / Idli Vadas' / dosas & masala Bhaat's.. we decided to let the drivers take charge & us get a little nap.. ( Us = me ;) ) and we finally reach Veerapurm to find out IMG_1311
that the migratory birds had already left except for two, that were caged & too sad looking. But then the Pallavi climbed up closer to the birds to try to engage in a conversation with them but they ignored her and literally asked to get off ( in code language, ofcourse) :D . we had a little break there where in people tried their had at spinning top's .. where in again Pallavi scared a little kids and nicked one form them.. :P .. and we then started for Leepakshi.. around an hour and half later, we reached Leepakshi & realised that there were not many restaurants.. so we settled at the only one that was available and finished out lunch.. then we started touring the temple... a real piece of architecture made completely of rocks and it stands on a rock, no foundation. had a great time visiting it & learning about how good & enriched our history was. finished it off with unlimited supply of tender coconuts & a visit to world's largest monolithic Nandi (at least that's what the guide told us).. did our introductions and started back off.. and by the time we reached banglore it was already raining.. :)
All in all an awesome trip..
Thanks to Vinay & the team for making it so much fun.. hope to see all you guys again.. :)
From Chetan Kudari
We had lot of fun filled Outing. Weather was awesome and riding on Royal Enfield was super awesome. I would like to thank Vinay and Bangalore ASCENDers Team for arranging the Outing and taking up the responsibility and making it one of the memorable journey in the Life.
From Gautham Baliga
Thanks for organizing such a wonderful one day outing Cum Photographic trip to Lepakshi. It was nice meeting with you all during trip to Lepakshi and i had great time with you guys also made some new friends.
Thanks & Regards,
IMG_1565 IMG_1511
From Suresh Babu,
The one day outing was super, we enjoyed a lot. Thanks to all my new friends and Special Ton of thanks to Vinay, for Organising One day outing to a Historical place.
Thanks & Regards,
IMG_1700 IMG_1614
Information to the visitors:Distance: Lepakshi is around 125 kms from Bangalore and Veerapuram needs a deviation of 9 kms.How to reach:By own transport: Take Bangalore-Hydreabad highway, then a left turn after the kodikonda check-post past Bagepally, onto the road going towards Lepakshi. Drive for about 5 kms you will get to see a statue of a painted storks right side of the road. Take left turn at this junction and drive for about 9 kms to reach Veerapuram Village.
By train/bus: Their are many trains/buses to Hindupur from Bangalore, Lepakshi is just 15 kms from the town. One can hire auto for a day from Hindupur.
What to see:
At Lepakshi: Vijayanagar architectural style temples.
At Veerapuram: Painted storks
Best time to visit: Lepakshi any time. Veerapuram Dec to July only.
Food/Accommodation: Lepakshi has a local village type hotel. Accommodation is not available at both the places. One can choose to stay at Hindupur.
Things to remember:
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Event organized by: Vinay
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