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Monday, November 5, 2012

Start of yet another cycling Trip after a long gap, I organised for BASC friends with help from Rajesh. Even after organising many treks & cycling events, still I feel the same excitation of my first event. After two cycling trips to Munnar last year, thought of doing cycling to famous Kodaikanal was there from many days,. Finally fixed the event on Nov 1 as we got long weekend, and thought Neelam cyclone will make cycling easy and memorable. Rajesh suggested to take two vehicles as many cyclists were waiting for a cycling event. So after hard work, planning we both did, and finally the day has come to kick start the event. As neelam bought heavy rain in bangalore, it made things difficult. Participants were late in reaching common pick-up point and tieing cycles on top of TT under heavy rain was a challenge. All these delayed our plan by 2hrs, and finally we left Bangalore by 11:45PM!

Day1: Palani → Kodaikanal → 55km

Day2: Kodaikanal Lake → Coaker’s Walk → Pillars Rock → Guna Caves (25km)

Day3: Kodaikanal → Manavannur → Berijam Road → Kodaikanal (70km)

Day4: Kodaikanal → Ghatt Road (Theni→Dindigul Highway) (55km)

I must thank Rajesh for supporting me in all ways to make this event successful and memorable one. Also thank all participants Ajitha, Amit, Anusha, Datta, Druva, Giridhar, Girish, Guruprakash, Krutika, Nagaraj, Naveen, Nitin, Rajesh, Sarvesh, Vinay and Viswanath.

Event Organiser: Ambareesh Karanth
Write-up: Ambareesh Karanth, Ajitha Madan
Ambareesh Karanth:
Rudra Aradya:
Vinay MP:
From Krutika:
From Nagaraj N:

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Event organized by: Ambareesh Karanth
Written by: Ambareesh Karanth

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