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Sunday, May 25, 2014

1 It was my first trek with Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC), I was so excited about the event and I called Vinay many times to know the details about the trek. Common meeting point was at Jayanagar 4th block near Jain Temple, we gathered at 7.30 PM but started journey by 8.30 PM. 
IMG_8254-SMILESince we all were hungry we decided to have food on the way, so we went to Kamath hotel and finished food and started journey by 10.30 PM.
There were 3 cars, I was in Promod’s car, Kunal and Sathish were accompanying along with me and we started our journey towards Kabbal-durga. It was a great journey, in-between Pramod was cracking nice jokes.

DSC02624 Finally we reached Kabbal-durga by 12 AM and started the trekking. There were no clear trails in the beginning of the trek but we found the trails after trekking 250 meters, everybody was in full josh, finally we reached the peak by 3 AM in the morning.

IMG_8270 Then started the formal introduction about the group members, in between other member's were pulling the legs of others and making full fun. Later it was time to sleep but in between the sleep it started raining, For our luck there was small temple to take shelter, so some members went for sleep and me and some other members went for exploring the nature.
IMG_8281-SMILE Early morning around 6.30 we had nice photo session and then finally started climbing down. Then, we travelled back to Bangalore. On the way at Kanakapura we had our breakfast and some guys started buying vegetables for family, since all vegetables were fresh. 
IMG_8277After breakfast again started our journey towards bangalore, on the way I had nice chit chat with Nandini, Rajesh, Sathish and pramod. Finally around 12.30 PM I reached Banashankari, told Bye Bye to everybody, me and Sathish got down in Banashankari and started our bus journey to home. It was a great journey, I enjoyed a lot. I would like to specially thank Vinay for organizing such a wonderful event.


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Written by: Uday Naidu
Image Gallery: Uday Naidu, Vinay
Composed by: Jithendra B N
Event organized by: Vinay

Event Date: 24th May 2014
The Crew: Nandhini, Harsha, Aashish, Ashok Achar, Pramod, Laxmi, Surabhi, Rajesh, Uday Naidu, Satish, Kunal Roy, Navya, Vinay, Sharada


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