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Monday, October 21, 2013

IMG_7293Back from another good night trek with BASC, this time it was Brahmagiri, near to Nandi Hills.
Bhramagiri is the adjacent peak to the famous Nandi hills in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. This place is around 60 KMS from Bangalore. Best way to reach this place is by your own transport. There are plenty of buses plying between Chikkaballapur district and Kempegowda bus station (Majestic).

IMG_7320 When I received an email from Patrick Samuel, which read very easy night trek I was excited as night treks are my favorite. It was decided that we would be car pooling. Esteem Mall, hebbal was decided as the gathering point. As people say when things have to go wrong no one can stop it, I was stuck at office till 7PM and I reached the place quite late. I was late by around 40 mins. Thanks to the entire team who waited for me.
19th October 2013, 10:15 PM
The whole team was divided into 5 groups and 5 people each into 5 cars. And so the cars started to head towards Chikkaballapur. After about 1.5 hours drive we took a small stop and had a round of formal introduction with the whole team. Again got back into our cars and drove for another 15 minutes before we reached Karahalli. Parked our vehicles there and started walking towards the base.
20th October 2013, 00:00 AM
Roughly around mid night, we started the trek. This was pretty easy one as Patrick mentioned in the mail but since the soil was very loose few of us did loose our balance while walking. I fell a couple of times. One good reason why I like night treks are because we just have to march towards the peak without worrying much about the trail and same thing happened here. We just went on and on till we found a jeep trail after couple of breaks.
We walked along the jeep trail for around 500 mts and turned left towards the peak.
IMG_7013 Within no time, we started feeling the mist as we walked between the clouds. As we reached a decent plateau, majority of the team decided to doze off here and then head to the peak after waking up in the morning. Tough many dozed off, DK, Shaunak, Patrick and myself went on to fetch some fire wood for campfire. Later DK and Shaunak took charge of putting the campfire. After sometime Sreenidhi and few others joined in for some fun with music, dance and masti around the fire. By the time fire went off, we all had slept off one by one.
Since it was cloudy we did not get a chance to witness sun rise, As we packed up our sleeping gears, the food packets surfaced from all possible corners. This is one of the best parts of trek with BASC especially for new faces though we are new to the group we don't feel shy to put out our hands asking for something to eat or to share what we have. We then started moving towards the peak which demanded another 30 minutes of trek.
BASC As we reached the peak, all the smart photographers started to show up their creativity and we on the other side started posing. Yes, the photo session went on for quiet some time, with few of the photos posed Pallavi kicking 4 guys at a time, Sudhir being smashed under the heavy muscle power. The best one was trying to make human letters which meant BASC.
IMG_7193 After all the fun that we had, it was time for us to descend now. After about 40 mins it was time we took a small break. We settled our accounts for transport. Meanwhile, I noticed that 2 of our team-mates Girish and Sudhir were cleaning up near by place which was badly littered by some previous visitors.
This is what moved me that BASC organizers not just care for nature on paper but they really care for nature out on the field as well. With that small gesture from Girish and Sudhir cleaning up I felt that it was my turn now to carry the garbage box and did carry upto some point before handing it over to Ashwin.
On our way down, there were many trekkers climbing up including few foreigners. We reached back to the base by around 9:30 AM. 
After a refreshing wash at a near by tap, all of us headed towards our parked cars. Shaking hands & bidding bye to each other, the team got split into 5 groups of 5 members each into 5 cars. Reached Bangalore by 11:30AM.
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Written by: Krushi 
Date: October 19th

Composed by: Swetha Padakandla & Vinay S
Event organized by: Patrick Samuel
Image Gallery:
The Crew: Selvi Eswaran, Arun Karthik, Arvind R, Priyanka Singh, Shreya, Easwar Vivek, Poornima, Krushi, Dk, Deepak Agrawal, Suresh Babu, Swetha, Rekha, Sree Sudhir, Karthikeyan , Sreenidhi, Nitin Satpute, Navin Prasad, Ashwin, Pallavi, Anoop Athreyasa, Shaunak, Deepak Saran, Patrick, Girish


  1. Hello, a very well written article. But there's a major mistake in the article. You mentioned the wrong place name. I'm sure you wanted to mention it as Skandagiri but instead you have mentioned it as Brahmagiri. Brahmagiri is the mountain range present in Coorg/Kodagu bordering the state of Kerala.

  2. you are referring to Brahmagiri peak which is in Brahmagiri wild life santuary..
    hi this is not skandagiri.....this is Brahmagiri which in next to nandhi hills there are many hills around nandhi like channagiri , Brahmagiri and skandhagiri. you can check the reference...