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Monday, November 18, 2013

Another weekend spent with awesomeness. We went on a full moon beach trek from Kumta to Gokarna Beach. It was a unique experience for almost everyone in the group. This time again I chose to join BASC.


The journey started from the Shanthala Silk House(as always :)). We left around 9:30pm. We introduced ourselves to the rest of the group and soon got into the discussion on whether to play Conjuring movie during our journey or not. After an hour Sudhir developed a  pain in his chest and was taken back to Bangalore. Govind took care of reaching him back to Bangalore while we carried on with our Journey. We reached Kumta around 10 in the morning. We had breakfast on the way and got our lunch packed.

9We started walking beside the beach enjoying the view. The terrain was a mix of beach walk and hills. We were all hungry so as soon as we found a hill with shade, we stopped there to have fried rice packed on the way. One strange thing I noticed about myself in these treks with BASC is I don’t like rice much but during the treks I am so tired and hungry that I happily survive on dishes made of rice for straight two days without any complaints :P.

The best thing was that the trek trail had the best 4mix of beaches and hills, as soon as we felt tired trekking on the hills, there were beaches to relax. After walking till around 4-5pm, we found a long stretch of beach which looked ideal to camp. With sun setting on the west, it was time for the photographers to flaunt their skills. We all enjoyed the sunset on the sea shore and captured beautiful snaps.

8As we were to spend the night in open, we collected some woods and papers to  setup camp fire for the night. We also cooked Bisi Bele Bhat (mostly cooked by niranjan :P). After which we played some games during the camp fire. The best was the acting during Dumb Charades on Baiju Bawra :D :D.

Dead tired with the day long effort we dozed off on the shores. It was the first time we slept so close to the beach during a full moon.

The next day we got ready to complete the final part of our trek. Hot and yummy 5Maggie was served for breakfast. We started trekking on the hills which didn't have proper trail and was a challenge. We had bruises because of thorns on the way, but we had the satisfaction of reaching the top. After reaching the other end, we were exhausted but we wanted to go to OM beach & opted to take a ride on a ferry, which was like cherry on an ice cream.

2We passed by several other beaches as we sailed towards OM beach. After reaching  here, the only thing that was in my mind was to get into the beach, and that’s exactly what we all did. Enjoyed playing in the water, we played volleyball, tried hands on swimming after long time.


Over the last two days I learnt few new kannada words, made new friends, spent night on the beach during full moon tides, etc. All in all, it was an awesome experience. 

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Written by: Vivek
Date: Nov 16th & 17th

Composed by: Sana

Event organized by: Niranjan

Image Gallery: Achintya Kundu, Karthik HK, Rajendra, Shanthi Prasad, Sunil Parida, Sandeep

Video Links: Kumta to gokarna, Timelapse at Arabian Sea, Campfire @ Seashore, Boat Ride at OM beach, Kumta Beach, Vanamali beach, Mangodlu beach, Holanagadde beach, Sangam beach, Barka beach, Tadadi Port, Paradise Beach, Halfmoon Beach, Om Beach, One Night Beach Stay, Gokarna City Festival

The Crew: Niranjan, Shwetha, Pallavi, Rakesh, Neha, Ravindra joisa, Achintya Kundu, Kashyap, Vivek velankar, Santhosh, Karthik HK, Suresh Gowda, Aparna C, Sunil Parida, Sandeep Kulkarni, Ravindra Tiwari, Karthik Rao, Anup Hejmady, Rajendra, Shanti Prasad


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