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Saturday, November 23, 2013

BASC members from BDR donated 14 units of blood at Indira Gandhi Hospital For Child Health benefiting the kids at the Thalassemia Day Care centre.

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Our blood donor Heroes,
1. Chandru
2. KumaraSwamy
3. Yadynandana
4. Shashidhar
5. Raghunandan
6. Anvesh Reddy
7. Rajendra Solanki
8. Aravind Ramasubramanian
9. Siddhartha Joshi
10. Sanjay Kumar
11. Sathish K S
12. Shankar Teli
13. Shankar Gowda
14. Sriharsha Aithal

Apart from this, Tulasi and Varuna also came in but were unable to donate due to medical reasons.

Our hearty congratulations to the above donors.

Join BASC Blood Donors Repository @ CLICK HERE and become a blood donor Hero.

BDI co-ordinator: Anvesh
Compiled by: Mudassar

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