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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brahmagiri is a hill adjacent to Nandi hills near a place called Nandigrama. This was my second trek with BASC after the Ghati Subramanya night trek for beginners and I was all excited about it.
  We boarded 8.45Am train at majestic and reached Nandi railway station in about 2 hours. From there we travelled around 20 mins in an auto to reach the base of the hill. We got our lunch packed from a nearby restaurant and started the trek at 11.45 Am.
The climb was a mixture of open wide areas and narrow paths passing in between thorny shrubs. On the way up in between some of us thought of trying a shorter route, so we got split up and explored a new route, but we ended up reaching at almost the same time as the new route was relatively tougher with more narrower and thornier paths. After taking several breaks in between for photo shoots and snacks.. it was almost 2 when we reached the peak. The view from the top was awesome. We had our packed lunch there viewing the scenic beauty around.
 We started back by around 2.45.. The descend was very fast as we had to catch a train at 4.15 ( as we had spent lot of time clicking photos while climbing :) ) .  Luckily we all made to the base within 4.. the autos were waiting for us at the base to take us back to station. We reached just in time for the train.
Thanks to Mudassar who had reached the station ahead of us in a bike and had taken tickets, we were able to board the train :)  .. and were back at majestic by 6.15.
 It was great fun trekking and also got to make new friends.
Thanks BASC for organizing such treks for beginners like me. These 2 treks I went have surely made me more confident and prepared for tougher ones :)
Looking forward to many more treks with BASC.
Testimonials:- By Sunil Kumar,It was an Amazing first time experience for me to be a part of the trekking event with your group to Brahmagiri Betta  (opposite to Nandi Hills ). Unbelievable experience ,Hats off to  the Organizers & especially for the  patience MUDASSAR has, Its not a joke to maintain like minded people with a  little bit of difference in frequency. He makes every one feel at home. If some one says Trekking is expensive , try it once with Bangalore Ascenders  & you will not believe. This trekking was for Rs 100.00 including transport & lunch. forget the money nobody cares as much they do.I am eager to be a part of more events in your group & Wish you all the very best for your group. YOU GUYS ROCK !

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Written by: Chandana Mahuli 
Event organized by: Mudassar 
Image Gallery:Miten,Preetham, Sunil Kumar, Mudassar


  1. The writeup and the pictures are superb. I will be attending the next one day trek.

  2. Yes Santo, This one is one of the best trekking experience around Bangalore. Very few trekking clubs organize treks to this peak