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Saturday, January 1, 2011

We started this year with a noble cause. On January 1st we had been to Abayashram. In response to the alarming rate of increase in the incident of cases of mental illness especially among women VISION INDIA has been running a transitional home called Abayashram  in Kattamnallur, Bangalore.
Currently they take care of around 35 mentally challenged and vagrant women. This rehabilitation center for mentally ill women provides residential care and treatment. A small team from Bangalore ASCENDers visited them and gifted them a gas-stove,clothes, sweets and a cash gift.Abay_1
Below is the list of beautiful people who took time out to help the needy. Thank you one and all for the support provided and hope we indulge in many similar endeavors in future.

Sreedhar 1500
Prashanth 500
Ambika 500
Saroja 1000
Sourabindu 1000
Anitha 1000
Pawan 11 new nighties
Bangalore ASCENDers 1900
Those ALL who want to connect with them can do so at the below address:

Kattamnallur, Virgonagar Post,
Bangalore - 560 049
E-mail: ashramvision@rediffmail.com
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Event organized by: SatishCompiled by: Mudassar


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