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Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Blood Donors Save Lives:Healthy donors are needed every day to ensure blood and blood components are available for the patients who need them. Children and adults undergoing surgery, victims of trauma, newborn infants, persons  with cancer and leukemia, transplant recipients – these are just a few of the patients who may need blood or blood components to survive. These patients depend on healthy blood donors every day to provide life-giving blood and blood components. Donate blood and save lives.

"96% of us rely on the other 4% to give blood. Please don't leave it up to someone else" - National Blood Service.

Every 3 seconds someone needs blood, yet less than 5% of the eligible population donates blood which isn’t enough. Also not all the blood received is utilized to the fullest, below are the four major reasons for this;

1. Huge collection of blood during donation drives which happen at significant dates like national holidays, birthdays of important people, anniversaries of an organization, etc. Blood has shelf-life and the extra (more than required) blood collected goes down the drain. This also makes a sizeable chunk of eligible and interested donors unfit to donate for the next 3 months.

2. Few blood banks provide blood as whole instead of components. Blood must be separated into red blood cells, platelet concentrate and plasma, each of which can be given to three different patients and therefore one unit of blood when separated into components can save 3 lives.

3. Some hospitals have in-house blood banks and the donations done here do not reach general public as many such blood banks limit their service only to in-house patients.

4. Low participation of negative group donors.

This means “just donation” does not end our responsibility.

WHEN, HOW and to WHO matters the most. Keeping the above things in mind and to do sensible donations in a systematic way we have created “BASC Blood Donors Registry”. Register below we will reach you when any emergency requests reaches us or when we schedule a donation camp.


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