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Monday, September 30, 2013

One more journey with all those unknown people, to unknown places, for unknown experiences.

Meeting up all of them on a common track, with all the excitement seen clearly on faces.


It might sound a little too much, but we started with colors and skips and whoever had WILD, won…!

Carrying on to playing dumb and back on to the days of understanding the sign languages, surely those ancestors would have had fun…!

DSC_2390Waking up at 3:45, gearing up for "Dudhsagar".

Turning down our expectations (not enthusiasm), on those tracks we continued our 'safar'.

IMG_5738 DSC_2391  


Walk in forest, crossing smallest streams, lunching was a good break.

IMG_0813A better break - jumping into a stream of river felt like icing on the cake.

With the ride on the jeeps there was a kick of a different beginning of this journey.

The sound of silence, sight of green, and a drive which cannot be bribed by any power of money!


The haunted house or temple was just a decided place.

But the destination was right there in the middle of the two, right in that space!

Now I know how it feels to have a ray of hope, now I know how difficult it is to maintain it, now i know how important it is to have it…,

For when it is not there, something called darkness will never quit!

DSC_2419Did I just call them  unknown people or were they the souls with just a common spirit…?

Or were we all just celebrating the fact that there were so many people around blessed with their voice as  god's gift.












  Well, then comes a moment when you feel you are truly blessed, so much so that a tear can roll down from your eyes.

A moment when you have sky to shelter, real stars to perform, wind to set the right breeze, river for the music, ALL of them together to give you those highs..!IMG_5753

Of course we did not forget that there should be a trek in this trek, so this time   it was not for a peak of a mountain but the height from where that water falls…!

Splash that water by yourself and you will know how it feels; but for that you got to get dirty, spend your weekend with those snakes, leeches instead of malls!








How it feels to see that water falling, to feel the water falling, to see it upside down, to just be in there.

You would go again like we did, but for that you got to leave your comfort zone and jump in, would you dare?



Out from water and there is a splash from nature in form of rain.

So we got down and jumped in the stream again!

And the magic happens when rain meets music and we witness them complimenting each other.

It gets better when we look around just to find the right company of those rivers, mountains and clouds just to foster.

DSC_2393 Can it get better when you embrace the beauty of those mountains together sitting in one compartment while crossing those tunnels and the same dudhsagar just turn out to be more magnificent coz of the same rains…?

Or it can, with just Mafia and such other set of games.

IMG_0758 One more toast raised for all those known souls, to all those real destinations, to all those common spirit we lived…!

Leaving from a common track to get on to a common concrete jungle with all the feelings mixed.


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Written by: Pooja

Image Gallery: Gautham Baliga, Manoj, Johnson Pinto, Megha

Composed by: Chyavan K S

Event organized by: Raveendra G N

Event Date: 28th & 29th September 2013

The Crew: Ashok G, Rahul, Gautham, Manoj Kumar N, Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Nitin Sharma, Johnson Pinto, Chandru, Abhishek Guptha, Vijayananda SB, Sudheendra Sharma, Shanthi Prasad J C, Megha DS, Kavyashree KN, Ashwini Rao, Vidya Sagar H, Sudhakar H, Yashaswini, Jayanth V, Sanjay, Raveendra GN

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