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Monday, December 24, 2012

This trek was motivated by Nitin's blog i.e. http://questsofavagabond.blogspot.in/2009/08/nadumale.html
This was my first trek organized through BASC.
Place: Bagamandala is a village situated at a distance of 24 miles to the west of Madikeri and connected with it by a good all-weather motorable road. Bhagamandala is the name well known to every pious Hindu. It is here that the sacred rivers, the Cauvery and teh Kannike meet. Tradition has it that Sujyothi, a subterranean stream, joins these rivers here. Hence the place is popularly known as "Trivini Sangama". Madikeri is around 250 kms from Bangalore.
Plan: Our plan was to start the trek from Talacauvery towards Nadumale, night halt at Nadumale, (13kms trek). Next day trek towards Kanoor side (11 to 12kms trek)  and exit. But the actual trek went through a different route after we begun the trek from Talacauvery.
The team: Srivatsa, Devendra, Ramkumar, Anoop, Niranjan, Manoj, Sudhir, Girish, the Gujju, Deepak Jain, Deepak HK, Tulasi GV and myself.
We started from Bangalore on 21st Dec night.
22nd Dec: We reached Bagamandala by early morning 4:30-5 O clock. It was little chilly and quite dark. Somehow we found out the range office and parked our vehicle there. No one was ready to get out of the vehicle as it was quite cold. Soon we finished our breakfast at nearby hotel, packed our lunch and bought all the necessary raw materials for preparing dinner. Thanks a lot to Tulasi, Niru and Deepak HK for assisting me. A special thanks to Tulasi for giving us a perfect idea of the raw materials. It was 8:30 AM, me and Deepak HK went to forest office. I was in constant touch with the RFO Mr. Uthhappa. We paid the trekking fee and the guide fee and left the forest office. The TT got jam packed as the RFO sent two guides named Jayaprakash & Ayyapa. Soon we reached Talacauvery. In a jiffy, we prepared ourselves to begin the trek.

I was very happy that finally we got on to this trek. The RFO told us that this trek goes though jeep trail inside the thick forest. But alas, when we started the trek it was totally jeep track and no forest coverage at all. Everybody got completely crazy when the guide told us that, the entire route till Nadumale is just the same.
Whats the fun walking on a jeep track under the scorching Sun. After a short discussion with the guides we decided to change our route. Now started moving towards Nishanibetta. And decided to night halt at forest staff quarter near Nishanibetta.
It was an 13-15 kms trek through steep ascent and descending through beautiful valleys of Bagamandala forest range. But we started getting forest coverage. By afternoon 2:30 or so we finished out lunch near a very thin stream. After finishing their lunch, Jayprakash and Ayappa went fetch water for us. Because, the there was hardly any potable water where we took lunch. And the more steep climb was about to start.

And we reached the top of Nishanibetta. Everybody was totally exhausted by the time we reached the peak. It was really breath taking view from the peak. We spent time taking short nap, some of us with sound too. Also photo session went on for long time with Ramkumar giving different poses and asking people for different poses too. Soon we stared descending towards the staff quarters. 
We cooked nice tomato rice for dinner. Everyone volunteered.
And after filling our stomach we retired for the day. The place we camped, was really awesome and adventurous too. The forest staff at the quarter told us that, few week back a dog was preyed by a tiger. And on the same night (when we were camping) an elephant ruined the banana cultivation close by. But fortunately our camping went on smoothly under the star studded beautiful sky.
23rd Dec: Bell rang at 5 AM, no one responded. Ramkumar got up and tried to  make everyone get up. But all got into deep sleep again, deciding to get by 7.
After a quick breakfast we were ready to march.
2nd day was not pre-planned at all. And it was based on guide's suggestion. We trekked for 9 kms to reach a small stream towards a place call Kurudi (which is 15 kms fro the forest staff quarter). We did not go to Kurudi. We trekked total 18kms through the thick forest. It was trail and then continuous descent. While returning it was quite challenging. Few of us approached a nearby peak.
Next, shades of the beauty on the to a stream towards Kurudi.
Finally we reached the stream. The beauty untouched and mesmerizing. Any nature lover will fall in love. We finished our lunch and took rest.
And started the steep ascent.
And finally we reached back to the forest quarters at Nishanibetta Talamani by 4 PM.
By 5 PM we left the forest quarters and started walking on the jeep trail to reach the main road.
And we reached the tar road.
Written by: Pratap
Photographs: Ramkumar, Devendra and Pratap
Other photographs:



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