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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let’s celebrate India’s giving festival together…Yes BASC celebrated the Joy of Giving Week i.e. from Oct 2 to Oct 8 with under privileged aged women from a Day care centre

Likely questions:
1. Is Joy of week a western trend ? Are we just following westerners?
Ans - No , We believe its a Indian initiative. Also how does it matter (Indian or Western) when the idea is to help someone.

2. Why old women & that too take them to malls , instead of wasting money we can contribute the same to their basic
    things? Are u crazy ?
Ans -  YES I’m. They are old, if they don't see Bangalore malls & multiplex now……THEN WHEN ???????????
We are also looking to contribute for the basic , but let us make them happy first.

3. Can we help children instead?
Ans - Yes we will. But lets help aged people now.



Thanks Jayshree for reminding about joy of giving week. Thanks Champa & Soumya for the leads. Thanks to all the contributors and supporters without whose support the event wld not have been successful. Hope to take forward this tradition in the coming years.

Here are the details of Day care center.


What did the participants from BASC had to say….

I had a wonderful time last Saturday, The energy and enthusiasm among the old(well not the right word in this context) left many of us spell-bound.

If i’m to say..'njoyed the day out'...it would be an understatement for what I experienced this Saturday. Thanks to BASC for organizing this outing, a great gesture of love and affection for the aged. also to all who volunteered to come in support for this.

I am glad that I joined you guys for the social responsibility activity on Oct 8th. I got to meet so many new people especially the dear Ajjis. :)  It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I hope we get to do more such activities on a regular basis. Thanks for organizing this amazing event.

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Event organized by: Satish
Compiled by: Mudassar
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