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Monday, February 21, 2011

On Feb 19th & 20th of 2011, a team of 4 people, went to Kollegala (150km from Bangalore) for Forest Fire Awareness (FFA) Program. We covered Lokkanahalli and Thimmarajapura villages. Karnataka Forest Department (Wildlife section). Special thanks to RFO, Kollegal Wildlife Range, BRT Wildlife Sanctuary; and villagers.

Major Activities done:1. FFA in two schools in Lokkanahalli and Thimmarajapura villages.2. 'Jatha' (procession) with school children around the village, shouting slogans (total 250 children participated).3. Video show at Lokkanahalli school in day and in Doddamalapura village at night. Video was about Forest and FFA (totally around 300 saw it).4. Putting posters and banners about FFA at important places where people gather. Villages covered; Thimmarajapura, Kurubanakatte and Arepalya.

Those who are willing to participate, can mail me:

Please note: There won't be any trek, fun activities or even we wont go to jungles, its just FFA Program. Those who are really interested can join FFA program. And should speak Kannada fluently.

Few words about FFA:Forest fires are usually seasonal. They usually start in the dry season and can be prevented by adequate precautions. Fire can be prevented through removal of forest litter all along the forest boundary. This is called "Forest Fire Line". This line used to prevent fire breaking into the forest from one compartment to another. The collected litter was burnt in isolation. The best way to control a forest fire is therefore, to prevent it from spreading. Mainly in India forest fire happens because of human, may it’s accidental or intentional. So to prevent it awareness among villagers should happen.

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Written by: Ambareesh Karanth
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