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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I had no clue what is in waiting for me when I joined the Bangalore ASCENDers (BASC) team at the esteem mall bus stop whenDSC01477-1 I decided to scale Skandagiri on the night of 27th Nov'10. I knew its going to be fun as Skandagiri challenges your ability to climb altitude’s and my very first visit to the place was nothing but a hilarious one.
Having nothing much to do on a weekend, I insisted that Arun joined me for the trek. He did, happily. The other reason why I chose to go with BASC is Satish. This man is made of Red bull, Gatorade and laughing gas. His sense of humor will keep you alive and active. A good leader who can lead his pack to the destination with nothing but a fun-filled journey. There is a lot to learn from him as he carries a deep character and maturity . We started as decided and t ook the road to Skandagiri betta. Azhar in his Hero Honda Hunk proved why a 150 CC bike is always better than a 125 CC one. A few Royal Enfields joined us with its signature sound. I really want to own a royal Enfield, a Thunder B
DSC01370-1ird would do.
When we stopped at the T-junction where the road leads to Nandi Hills, for all to re-group and go together, the cops came with their so called authority and abused us that the youth is making Nandi hills a wretched place. True, may be a few... not all.
3 bikers showed us an interesting fireworks by pressing the center stand against the road while the bikes were on the move. That created sparkles on the road. At night, it was even more fascinating. Now I knew why the policemen were mad at us. After parking the vehicles at a safe place near the base and while waiting for others to join, I took a power nap on leaning against a temple pillar.
Carry a torch, a litre of water, wear a good Jerkin, travel lite and go with friends. My personal opinion is
DSC01451-1 to carry a beer. ( Not allo wed when you go with BASC). Drop that idea when you have girls in your gang. The trek started very smooth. You know very well, that anything starts very smooth wouldn't remain that way for too long! After 3 hours of various pace in climbing, breaks and jokes, we reached the summit.
It was dark and Ice cold, but it was filled with energetic people who braved to push the mountain beneath their feet. Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made it!
Wait the best is yet to come...
Our antakshari at the chilly mountain moved the nature Gods and ordered the sky to throw a silver lining on the horizon. All rushed to the sunrise point to get the best view of Sun that was ready to come out of its blanket of clouds. There started the inexplicable display of mother nature's soap opera.
Blue, magenta, orange, Sky blue
DSC01400-1, green, white... She changed her attire every second making us marvel at her abundant ability to be volatile. Thank God! I didn't carry my camera along. The clouds caressed us with its invisible touch, paraded in front of our eyes in all possible shapes. Moved around, ran around, covered the near by hills and disclosed it again after a breeze drove it away. Nandi hills was a visual treat from Skandagiri. It looked like a black forest chocolate flake inserted on a vanilla ice cream bucket! Someone help me in describing it Please. Now I learn, the best things in life are the ones that are very hard to explain in words. Cos when you fail to explain, perhaps, there are only three reasons.
1. Its really awesome
2. There is no equal or matching vocabulary
DSC01457 to key in exactly what you experienced through your eyes, nose and all the senses that made you feel that experience.
3. The impa ct was too huge, you went numb!
Think again, how many times you've used the word "Awesome"? On all those instances, you've failed to explain things as it is. Awesome!!!
Thank you Satish ( BASC ) for arranging such a wonderful trek. I caught up with a lot of friends that have been appreciating and criticizing my photography through face book and Orkut. It was nice meeting all.
Trust me BASC changes your life for good! It did for me!
Let me know your comments. Good and constructive, it makes me write more! 

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Written by: Yadhunandhan (Courtesy: http://yadhunandhan-iamwhatiam.blogspot.com/)
Event organized by: Satish
Image Gallery:
Chaitu, Mohammad Rafi, Naveen, Jags, Ravichandran, Anand, Ameet Pai


  1. awesome. Like to participate in events.

  2. Nice writeup Yadhunandhan..
    You've described the beauty that all of us have experienced, through your words very well. This definitely makes one visit very soon who haven't been to Skandagiri yet.

    Thanks a ton to the blogger for posting the pictures I've captured, you made my day :D

  3. Whew .. brings back memories... planned at 10 pm... 2 am we were aat the foothills..
    without torches... no water... - a death trekk \m/


  4. i've heard of sum thefts here... is it true ?? most of em said tat itz nt safe to go in bikes ??

  5. yes there were some anti social elements in skandagiri... always take help of villager for parking etc.. sunrise from skandagiri above the clouds and night trek is an awesome experience