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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Every 3 seconds someone needs blood, yet less than 5% of the eligible population donates blood which isn’t enough.

Blood Donors Save Lives:
Healthy donors are needed every day to ensure blood and blood component11-1s are available for the patients who need them. Children and adults undergoing surgery, victims of trauma, newborn infants, persons  with cancer and leukemia, transplant recipients – these are just a few of the patients who may need blood or blood components to survive. These patients depend on healthy blood donors every day to provide life-giving blood and blood components. Donate blood and save lives.
Blood donation is a gesture of goodwill and care for the fellow human beings. There is no gift more valuable than a Gift of Blood, as it is actually a Gift of Life for the person who receives it.A safe blood is the one that does not harm the donor, is free from infection or other harmful agents, that9-1 does no harm to the recipient and that is used for the benefit of the patients health and well being.The slogan Safe Blood Starts With Me denotes that it is me who is the donor of safe blood. One unit of your blood will save life of more than one patient. As a member of the society it is your responsibility to donate blood.You can go to the nearest government approved blood centre, which is based on voluntary non/remunerated blood donation and make your significant contribution to saving life of a patient by donating blood. Your contribution is extremely valuable.
Blood donation 
Words of appreciation...
"Kudos for this noble cause. I am a new member in this group . I happen to see this post and I wanted to be part of it  as well but I didn't register as  I was out of station and my return wasn't confirmed.Thankfully enough I came back yesterday and  went ahead and donated the blood."       Swaroop Bhandary

Blood Banks...
Indian Blood Donors
Bharat Blood Bank
e-Blood Donors
Friends 2 Support
India Blood Bank

"96% of us rely on the other 4% to give blood. Please don't leave it up to someone else" - National Blood Service.

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