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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Muthyalamaduvu also known as Pearl Valley, is a popular picnic spot situated about 45 km south of Bangalore near Anekal. The gushing stream cascading down from a height of 92 meters offer a stunning sight. The drops of water strewn from the rock surfaces on impact give the appearance of scattering pearls. Hence this name Pearl Valley.

On an early morning of September 26; Saturday four of us from Bangalore ASCENDers team headed toIMG_0071-1wards Pearl Valley. The objective of this mini trek was to exp lore entire valley and ensure if there are any clear water pools, as we were on the look out for a place closer to Bangalore to organize mini/relaxing treks.

We reached Majestic KSRTC bus stand by 7AM to catch a bus to Anekal but were told that the direct buses to Anekal were stopped due to Namma Metro work. So we rushed to KR market to board a private bus from Kalasipalya bus-stand; other option is to catch a BMTC bus from Majestic but this will cost you 2 plus hours; best option is to take your own vehicles. Anekal can be reached via Bannerghatta or Hosur road.

We had a good IMG_0029-1breakfast at not-so-decent Ashoka hotel at Anekal and took parcel for lunch. Muthyalamaduvu is around 6 km from Anekal and auto is the only mode of transport; charges will be anywhere around 60 to 100 rupees each way. Good and the shady roads awaits you as you move out towards Muthyalamaduvu, after few kilometers one need to take a right deviation and this road ends at KSTDC hotel. This lone hotel here opens after 11AM catering to the needs of tourists and is usually full with boozers. There is a public toilet and and an ice-cream parlor too. We reached here by 10AM and there was no-one  around; stone pathway beside the ice-cream parlor takes you into the valley. As we started descending the first dekko was of the breathtaking sun-kissed valley. Pathway leads you to a small Shiva temple; to its opposite side is a small stream like waterfall which is actually the extension of Muthyalamaduvu falls many mistake this to the original falls. A small trial at the front of the temple will take you to the falls it’s hardly 10-15 minutes walk.

Muthyalamaduvu is a multi stage water-fall a sm3955224367_ebc0446540_b-1all trial starts from the left side of the falls and goes all the way to the top; many deviations to right from this main trial goes to the different stages of the waterfall. Every stage has its own beauty the water gurgling through the rocks soothes the body and the soul. Nilgiri plantation is closer to the top of the falls and is a perfect place to while away hot afternoons on a sunny day. Base of the waterfall has enough tree cover and also have a small pond with muddy water were you can build your swimming skills.

It was already 100_6567-112.30PM and we started trekking along the valley to explore, enthusiastic trekkers can trek the entire valley; this valley extends up-to Devarabetta near Harohalli You get to see many muddy water pools along the way. Few shepherd folks who met on the way told us that sometimes they get to see elephants roaming in the valley which has a close proximity to Bannerghatta national park. Valley also has good number of birds and flowers. We could see lots of construction work going on either sides of the valley and also on the top of the falls. Hope this place too is not sacrificed in the name of development.

After exploring for a good distance, as we did not find any clear water pools we headed back to the waterfall. With the mountain air whetting our appetite, we gorged on not so delicious vegetable pulav. After lunch we spent some time sharing our previous trekking experiences with each other. By 3.30PM we were back at the hotel bid goodbye to the valley and boarded an Auto to reach Anekal.Caught a BMTC bus and arrived at Majestic and later I reached Vijayanagar around 7PM.

This ended a picturesque day spent amongst verdant surroundings and a beautiful waterfall away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Travel Tips:                                                                                                                   Taking own vehicles is a prudent option.                                                                            Beware of the monkeys around the hotel.                                                                           This place is also known for birding and trekking.                                                         This is a seasonal waterfall best time to visit is just after monsoon till the end of November.                                                                                                                          Good place to spend a day out with family especially kids.  

Travel expenses:

Bangalore to Anekal and back by Bus 30/-
Anekal to Pearl Valley by Auto 25/-
Pearl Valley to Anekal by Auto 15/-
Breakfast and Lunch 35/-
City transport 20/-
Miscellaneous 25/-
Total cost per head 150/-

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Written by: Mudassar
Event organized by: Mudassar
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  1. Good one guys, let the adventure begin....

  2. This reminds me of my college days, when a group of friends all of a sudden planned on a weekday trek to Pearl Valley, we had just heard of it, but none of us had ever been to this place. As you say in the blog, we too mistook the first small stream of falls to be actual falls, but after a while we explored the area and even trekked up until top of the falls. I should say it was definitely an awesome experience to get to such a place which none of our friends had ever seen. Reading the blog felt like I revisited Pearl Valley, virtually!! :)

    Susheel (susheelkumarc@gmail.com)

  3. Amazing article.

    You seem to have captured an entire day's worth of activities into an extremely informative and to the point article. This would be extremely useful to fellow trekkers.

    Great work Mudassarji.

    On a personal note, don't you guys have mercy(xD). My only photograph on the Internet makes me look like I hung out with the good old chaps at the KSTDC hotel. Come on yaar.

  4. @Harish,
    Hey i hav changed the grp pic;this one is lil better

  5. Excellent place!! iv been here about 3 times :)

    once 8 of us had trekked for 7 hrs straight without one bottle of water :D

    Our 1st visit to the place :D


  6. How z d place for lone travellers? Is it safe?

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  8. Nice information. It would have been more informative if you had given more details on buses